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Saison hit #1 on Traxsource

In a defining moment for both Large Music and artist duo Saison, the red hot single “Moments” has reached the #1 position in sales on renowned digital retailer Traxsource. Many thanks from Large Music to the best fans in the world who made it happen.

7 November 2018 Music Read more

Hurlee Returns to Large Music

Spanish artist Hurlee returns to Large Music for his second official outing with an homage to the great dance vibes of the 1980s. The title track soars with spirit and soul creating a perfect vibe for summer festivals and late-nite dancefloors. Up next, Dancing gets a bit grittier and has that Chicago edge that packs a punch yet still maintains the soul flavor. Just good music!

13 June 2017 Music Read more

Deeligent Soul Reviewed on This is Why We Dance

Some smooth house grooves on this two-tracker from Chicago’s ever-dependable Large Music, which is the work of two Belgian producers called Arnaud and Seb (and that’s the sum total of my knowledge about ‘em, I’m afraid).

12 October 2015 Music Read more