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Best of 2015

Large Music LARBEST015 November 12, 2015

It is hard to reflect back on a year that has been so successful for Large and the artists who make us sound great. Dominant in sales charts, played in podcasts every day all over the globe and reviewed prominently on blogs and fan sites–we really couldn’t have asked for a better 12 months. It is hard to pick the “best tracks” to represent all of the work we have put into our releases but I think this collection does a fine job of capturing the spirit and energy of Large Music in 2015. To all of our fans and followers who bought, played, streamed or danced to a Large tune this year–we thank you for an amazing ride. See you in 2016!

-Jeff Craven | Large Music


Marble Zone–Purple Velvet
Move Me–The Checkup
Born To Do This–Steve Mill
States–Jacob Bech
Depend On You–Nathan G
State House Groove–Thomas Blondet
Lifting–Kinky Movement
Set My Soul Free–The Checkup
Memories–Sebb Junior
Anyway I Want–Kiko Navarro, DJ Fudge
Soul Groove–Soledrifter
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Underground–G Spice (Sebb Junior Remix)
Dream In The Sky–Local Options
How I Feel–Sebb Junior
Colours of the Sunset–Deeligent Soul
Don’t Hold Back–Kinky Movement
The Kibosh–Jacob Bech
Ready To Go–Roland Nights
It Keeps Me–Erik Ellmann
For The Music–Chris Stussy