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Get Large Miami 2016

Large Music LARGLM016 November 3, 2016

We dive back into the deep with the latest installment of our acclaimed series, Get Large Miami. Loaded with top tracks from our current talent roster, this mix album is an essential musical tribute to one of the greatest cities in the World. Enjoy!

Bonus Mix by DJ Jeff Craven

Sebb Junior – “Baby Come Back”
Local Options – “Promises”
Mr Bootsauce/Stu G – “Breakin’ Down”
Studioheist – “Eden”
Jordan O’Regan – “Park Row”
Steve Synfull – “Foundation”
Sek – “Love Thrill”
Sebb Junior – “Music”
Jordan O’Regan – “Roost”
Chris Stussy – “For The Music”
Studioheist – “Eden” (dub mix)”
Sek – “Average Groover”
Erik Ellmann – “Foster”
Chris Stussy – “Tear Apart”
Matthias Vogt – “World Needs Its Dreamers”
Local Options – “Rude Movements”
Sebb Junior – “Last Time”