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Get Large Miami 2015

Large Music LARGLM015 January 1, 1970

Large Music pays tribute yet again to the magical city of Miami and the 2015 season of festivals. Highlighted here are the top outings from our current artist roster and a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Quality forward-thinking dance music to keep your feet moving and your spirits high.

Full Mix Tracklisting:
1) Purple Velvet- Marble Zone
2) Soledrifter- Gritty Love
3) The Checkup- Get On Down
4) Montel- Body Energy
5) Nathan G, Frank H Carter III-Depend On You (Vocal Mix)
6) The Checkup- Move Me
7) Soledrifter- On The Floor
8) Steve Mill- Born To Do This
9) Marsupials, Marcus Raute- Unless You Play
10) Jacob Bech- States
11) Soledrifter- Jazzified