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Get Large Miami 2014

Large Music LARGLM014 January 1, 1970

Large Music rolls back into Miami for another edition of our most successful compilation series. Highlighted here are some of the top tracks and producers that we have been working with the last few months plus a few exclusive tracks from newcomers Mystep and faithful Large artist Sek. The end result is a fluid and elegant mix of timeless House music that still possesses a fresh, edgy dance floor perspective yet never shies away from groove and soul.

James Dexter -Air
Matthias Vogt- Wobble Track- Montel Remix
Sek- Hide and Seek
Purple Velvet- The Remedy
Mystep-Get On Down
Giom-Red Light (Deep Active Soul Remix)
Purple Velvet- Addiction
Jay West- thinking of u
Sek-Back in the Day
James Dexter- Dont Wait
Leigh D Oliver featuring Rai-Girl From The D

Mixed with love by DJ Jeff Craven