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Get Large Miami 2013

Large Music LARGLM013 January 1, 1970

  • Get Large Miami 2013 (Full DJ Mix)

    Evan Iff

Large Music hits again with the 2013 edition of our best selling compilation series entitled Get Large Miami. We enlist the skills of newcomer dj and producer Evan Iff to mix up his choice cuts from upcoming large releases that will be rocking the conference this year. Evan manages to even slip in a few Large Music gems from the past for good measure and great form. The result is an exciting, forward-thinking deep house mix for enthusiasts worldwide.

Get Large Miami 2013 DJ Mix     Evan Iff
Elevation (Club Mix)     95 North
Thats Why     Jacob Bech
Only You     James Dexter
Fall For Me     Nathan G
No Other Way     Jacob Bech
Up Again     Nathan G     7:41
Jazz Ascension (1997 Hard Dub)     95 North
Never Guna Stop     James Dexter
When You Get There (Matthias Vogt Remix)     Evan Iff & Matthias Vogt
Time Is Destiny     Kerri Chandler & Jeff Craven
Busy (Bonus Track)     Evan Iff
When You Get There (Bonus Track)     Evan Iff
Reach Out For Me (Bonus Track)     Tikki Tembo
Ill Push Enough (Bonus Track)     Husky