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Get Large Ibiza 2014

Large Music LARIBZ014 January 1, 1970

Is the sound of Ibiza now only limited to progressive commercial anthems played by superstar DJs ? We say no and hold a firm belief that there will always be a powerful contingent of House aficionados on the White Island searching for the pure deep vibe. We boldly present for evidence our latest compilation, Get Large Ibiza 2014. Slide into this 60 minute mix of the latest and greatest Deep House grooves from Giom, James Dexter, Lars Vegas and Nathan G along with many more of the artists that are currently defining the trademark sound of Large Music.


Roland Nights-Sono
Lars Vegas-Break Me Down-Homework Remix 2
Nathan G, Frank H Carter III-If We Try-Vocal Mix
Steve Mill-Right Up
Roland Nights-What If?
James Dexter-Buttons
Matthias Vogt-The Wobble Track
Mountal-Boat Party
Leigh D Oliver-Sordid Details
James Dexter-Coming Home
Giom-Red Light-Giom Remix
Evan Iff Person Like You
Nathan G, Frank H Carter III If We Try Dub Mix
Dimi Stuff By Your Side
Abstract Source, Elliot Chapman Day To Night Russ Gabriel Vocal Mix
Leigh D Oliver Cenotaph