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Deep House Masters 3

Large Music LARDHM003 May 1, 2015

What is Deep House? That seems to be the trending question in the music blogosphere with passionate opinions to be found. We answer the question by submitting as evidence our third installment of Deep House Masters. 18 different tracks to showcase the Large sound and the definition of what pure Deep House is to us: cutting edge dancing music filled with the spirit of life and good vibes.


1 Various Deep House Masters 3 Continuous DJ Mix
2 Jakobin & Domino Point of View
3 The Checkup In Your Soul
4 Jacob Bech Bright Nights
5 Leigh D Oliver Heat
6 Fred Everything, Giom Luv Lust Giom London Mix
7 Loz Goddard Unconditional
8 Mountal Would You Be Mine?
9 Roland Nights Symmetry
10 Nathan G History Repeated
11 Jakobin & Domino Closer
12 Dudley Strangeways, Lee Clarke Annie Road Dirtytwo Remix
13 Abstract Source, Elliot Chapman Day To Night Russ Gabriel Dub
14 Nathan G, Frank H Carter III If We Try Outside ReDub
15 Dudley Strangeways, Lee Clarke Annie Road
16 Jacob Bech Aerotic
17 Steve Mill Side to Side
18 Loz Goddard Wackelig