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Thai Vibes

Large Music LAR064 September 18, 2008

Phil Cheeseman | DJ Magazine | 24. March 2001
We like Jask around here and reckon that he is one of the new generation of US producers you should be keeping an eye on, especially as being from Tampa, Florida he won’t exactly be getting any reflected glory from other happening producers in his home town. This EP continues with his usual appetite for smooth, deep, melodic tracky grooves with sax, flute, tropical guitar and general warm weather vibes to the fore. Main cut “Reflections of Love” is the strongest, the musical prettiness anchored by a firm rhythm section, while “Heaven’s Dance” moves the same basic ingredients in a more hypnotic direction, “Up!” is more perky and jazzy, but those sharing Yogi’s abhorrence of electric guitar had best keep clear of this track.