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Born To Do This

Large Music Lar201 February 9, 2015

Supported by The Checkup, Mountal, GIOM, DJ Caspa, Mark Farina, Loz Goddard, Leigh Morgan, James Dexter, SUPERNOVA, Leigh Oliver, Groove Assassin, Montel, Fish Go Deep, JASK, Fog, Marsupials Music, ManooZ, Jody Wisternoff, Golf Clap, Phaze Dee, Evan Iff, Ekkohaus, Soledrifter and a few more..

Steve Mill returns to Large for his third release with a spectacular 2 track collection. After spending several months in his childhood home of Greece, Steve has moved back into London for 2015 with a new sense of focus and musical direction. These cracking new productions show that he is a man on a mission: two tense and moody grooves here that are filled with energy but grounded in soul.