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Soul Collectives Volume 2

Large Music LAR069 September 8, 2008

Yogi | DJ MAGAZINE | Issue 300
A label that always delivers and here the track record is kept on the straight and narrow with a dose of fine sax-led jazz/house. Congas beat it out and keys not unlike those on the jazz/funk classic ‘Song For The Children’ by Lonnie Liston Smith prevail. Is it just a coincidence that the title here is called ‘4 The Children’ or has Ferrer been inspired by Smith? No doubt about it, this is jazz/funk for 2001. ‘Call’ is a stomping slice of real house with a uncredited female vocal that tears into the Jersey flava cut. ‘I Don’t Know Why’ is a killer! Baaad ass garage that requires attention tout suite Screaming, screaming vocal over the phattest baddest chunk-a-funk that side of the pond, complete with a classic Jersey keys (a la Cassio Ware) that cut a swathe through the groove. Great EP and real nasty shit that’s poppin’ at the bear gigs. 5/5