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Dream In The Sky

Large Music LAR211 January 1, 1970

DJ Support from Giom, Jacob Bech, Severino (Horse Meat Disco), UGLH, Mark Farina, thatmanmonkz, Robert Owens, Nacho Marco, Nathan G, Arco and many more…

Meet your Local Options -a collaboration between Chicago veteran djs and producers Chris Santiago and Frank Solano. Their unique blend of deep yet driving house music with a special attention to melody make them a perfect fit for the expanding Large Music roster. The title track is an ethereal and spirited journey into the deeper shades of dance. Sweet Surprise is more peak time- with crisp drum patterns and clever vocals. We have also asked the highly acclaimed duo Shades Of Gray to provide an alternate spin on the main track- and they have presented a slightly headier version centered around a relentless groove. Enjoy!