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Large Music LAR086 October 23, 2003

Wow! Jay-J and his lovely chanteuse Latrice Barnett pull out a scorcher for large . Deep, rich and sensual are words used to describe this powerhouse vocal. Jay-J’s classic drums are accented here with the grittiest electrotek bassline we’ve heard since Fingers, Inc. The Moulton Dub is downright dirty with enough bite to appease both the old and new school jacks. The 12 inch finishes with the Fantasy Guitar Dub , perfect for the early morning cool down.

Does this man ever sleep? Jay-J comes up with yet another stunning production with this sexy combination of an irresistible electronic bassline, guitar and commanding analogue chords. The sultry vocals then only add to the overall effect as this latest offering sits neatly in amongst your other favoured summertime grooves. 4/5 -Greg Fenton, Update, 10-16 September 2003