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Digitalsoul (Session 2)

Large Music LAR053 February 1, 2000

Luke Howard – Blues & Soul 27. February 2000 Four new tracks from the man who stands head-and-shoulders above most house producers when it comes to originality and quality of production. “Summer Love” is a female vocal heavy on the Latin percussion that makes most Brazilian house pale into insignificance. “I Found You” is a contemporary take on original Chicago house styles – a male vocal, atmospheric drums rolls, intense hi-hats and a climactic bassline. “Isis” and “What Is Digitalsoul?” are two classy pieces of modern day soul music – rare grooves of the future perhaps? A stunning set of music from a much underrated producer. Phil Cheeseman DJ Magazine 9. March 2000 The hardest working producer in American house music keeps up his output with an EP of unusually varied content. Opening cut “Summer Love” is a Body & Soul-inspired leftfield jazz jam with male vocal ad-libs, busy beats and a stack of odd-sounding chord progressions, and “Isis” continues the theme with a lazier, warmer feel and a more sung vocal, albeit heavily processed. “What Is Digitalsoul?” treads far more familiar Chandler territory of late, heavier at the bottom end, but still with the same delicate touches and some welcome experimental flourishes with different sounds. My favourite, though, as a confirmed old school head, is “I Found You”, an affectionate approximation of a Chicago production circa 1986 complete with 808 beats, Sterling Void basslines and some deeply soulful and melodic male vocals. An uncut gem. 4/5