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Absolem EP

Large Music LAR158 September 18, 2012

Jakobin & Domino is the alias name of Austrian duo Georg Nadler and Dominik Huber. They have burst onto the underground deep house scene in 2012 with a handful of releases and remixes on the acclaimed Vienna-based label, Luv Shack Records. It took a great deal of hunting to find this elusive pair and convince them to join the Large Music roster, but the results are extraordinary. Three incredibly deep and emotional cuts to choose from here all rich with quality vibes and bin-rattling bass. To add a little extra power to the package, we have enlisted the talents of man-of-the-moment Dale Howard (Lost My Dog, Off, Static) to knock out a stunning remix that gives a respectful nod to the beloved Kerri Chandler. Full Support from Jay West, Leigh Morgan, Marques Wyatt, Robert Owens, Arco, DZeta N Basile, Evan Iff, Franksen, Giom, Huxley, Julian Moore, Lee Curtiss , Mats (Local Talk), Matt Prehn, Mosca, Nathan G and more.