Large Music Radio 26

We are honored this month to have legendary London-based artist DJ Caspa as our special guest. Caspa has been playing underground House for over 25 years and a true inspiration. Pay close attention to the final half of this mix as Caspa gives his own tribute to some of his favorite Large classics!

1. HNNY-Nothing-Local Talk.
2. Jackcc – Teddy’s Groove (JTCC Anthem mix).
3. Red Rack’em – Ooh Ooh Ooh-Wolf Music.
4. Jack The Cool Cat – Chaka Khan – I’m Every Women Kontra III Edit
5. Rein De Sauvage Nolting- Krauwket- Borg Ltd.
6. Purple Velvet- Drawn out- Large Records.
7. Ed Herbst-Urban Bliss-Best Modus 04.
8. Purple Velvet-Marble Zone- Large Records.
9. Marlon Robinson- My Fortune- Borg Ltd.
10. James Johnston- I Need you. NMW Records.
11. DJ Rasoul – Soul Searching 3 (Blue Note)- Large Music.
12. Kerri Chandler – Vibe Dub. Large Music.
13. Magic EP-Scope – Large Music.
14. Halo – Atwater – Mr. V – Change- Large Music.
15. Leigh D Oliver- The Girl from the – Large Music.
16. Solar House – Magic Of The City (Rescue Me).
17. Kerri Chandler – The Fix is U. Large Music.