Large Music Radio 23

We are proud to present a special edition of the Large podcast with one of the rising stars from our roster. Roland Nights, aka Danny Stott is a name familiar to many underground house players and one that will no doubt be heard more in the future as he continues to make his mark on the deep house scene. Originally hailing from the north west of England, an area with its roots firmly embedded in the classic house scene, Roland’s productions emanate the influences of being raised on house music in a northern town and whilst it is not hard to see how classic house has influenced him, his twist on the sound of days gone by gives his productions a distinctive sound that is both classic sounding and forward thinking.

1. Lawnchair Generals – One Thing : Westbound

2. Michi Lange – The Only Way is Up (Oliver $ Dub): Nervous Records

3. Sandru – Sun at Night: Color In Music

4. Roland Nights – Symmetry: Large Music

5. Eric Erickson – Love It: Local Talk

6. Deeplomatik,Adam Joseph, Nick Sinckler – In the Back (Seb’s Dub Mix):King Street

7. Mountal – Would you be mine?: Large Music

8. Sandru – Love to Give: Color in Music

9. Jason Bye –Just for Me tonguelaymore Terrys

10. Ross Couch – Can’t Deny Your Love (Booker T Mix): Body Rhythm Records

11. Ed Nine – The Therapy: Groove Access Music

12. Da Mooch – Ecstasy (Ninety Nineteen Something Mix): Amplitude

13. Wyen Solo – Smile (Groove Assassin Dub): Groove Odyssey