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Finest Wear

Finest Wear


Cenzo Scoglio aka ‘Finest Wear’ A Dj / producer from London / UK, with his warm, Atmospheric, Restrained & Imaginative Sound, A sound that is truly timeless and simply just keeps progressing forward.

The new alias of veteran London producer ‘MrCenzo’. Previously as one half of ‘MidiDropMusic’ working with Matt Masters, they have seen a No2 chart position for there release ‘Joints From The Lab’ which was out on Glideslope Music.

Under his MrCenzo alias he also had many releases on various labels such as Guess Records, Plastic City, Dig Deeper, & LoudEast to name a few.

Currently as Finest Wear he has found himself a new home on a few labels such as Colour & Pitch, Nordic Trax & UM Records, which he has been getting some great support.

On a global scale the Finest Wear sound is finding its way all over countries where the versatile sound is palatable for just about anyone and any mood. Finest Wear is joining the cutting edge productions of the big names in the genre. His unique sound is starting to make waves in the true deep house scene.