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Born out of Boston, based in San Diego, DuBeats is a funky/soulful deep house act run by Dan Williams. As the label-head for Staybad and leading editor for Music Is 4 Lovers, Dan began producing house music in 2008. After cycling through many aliases he started the DuBeats project in 2012. Both on the east and west coasts, Dan has held multiple club residencies along with providing top-notch support for the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Fouk, Heidi, Egyptian Lover, JT Donaldson and countless others.

In 2017 Dan relocated to San Diego, reuniting with the Staybad crew and helped to pioneer the House2Ourselves events at Spin Nightclub. He has since taken on a lead editor role on the Music Is 4 Lovers blog, and continues to curate the Staybad label discography, as well as a steady wave of his own outside releases.