World Needs Its Dreamers

Support from Jimpster, Spirit Catcher, Shur I Kan, Roberto Rodriguez, Ralph Lawson, Mic Newman, Horse Meat Disco, Tornado Wallace and many more.

After a critically acclaimed release last year on our sub label, Large Tek, Matthias Vogt makes his debut on Large proper with “World Needs Its Dreamers”. An enormously talented producer and DJ, Matthias Vogt also is a highly respected and professionally trained Jazz musician and his composition skills shine brightly on this beautiful release. Dense chord structures and tight percussive elements are the key tools on this inspirational seven minute journey. Vogt gets into a grittier, darker mode with his electrifying World Dub as well and even provides an essential dj tool with his World Padapella.

To add more fire to this already magnificent ep, we have enlisted the talents of Iron Curtis to provide a scorching remix. Fans of his work know what to expect here: visceral drums and organic sonic elements with a dash of retro flavor for serious deep house aficionados.