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The Rhythm EP

Large Music LAR159 October 29, 2012

  • The Rhythm (Original Mix)

    Dale Howard

  • Raw Elements (Original Mix)

    Dale Howard

Hot on the heels of his highly touted remix for Jakobin & Domino’s track Absolem last month, Dale Howard makes his official debut on Large Music with The Rhythm EP. Dale has had a truly stellar 2012 and is garnering a great deal of acclaim for his back-to-basics approach to production and his incomparable style. This release highlights why there is so much buzz surrounding Dale at the moment: two relentless floor stompers with deep retro chord flourishes and break-the-bin subsonic bass. The Rhythm EP seems to exemplify the current Large Music vision of moving Deep House forward with a reverence to the rich history of our past. Full support from Hot Since 82, Nathan G, James Dexter, Nuno Dos Santos, Marques Wyatt, Pablo FIerro and many more.