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Street Musiq 2

Large Music LAR089 March 28, 2006

As a follow-up to the stunning Street Musiq comes this EP showcase from one of the world’s most versatile virtuosos. “Things I See” has Chandler’s heartfelt emotional lyrics washing over Blaze-style backing vocals and a deep vibe of warm keys, subtle synths and melodic piano. “Can U Feel It” is a live remake of Fingers Inc’s classic which has accentuated sub bassline and awesome keys and Rhodes. “Tonight now there’s music in the air, it’s all right, it’s time to celebrate, it’s all right” sings Kerri on this George Benson inspired “It Will Come To Pass” with its powerful piano hook. Finally Dennis Ferrer fronts “Poverty” with his hard-hitting quirky vocal over punchy breakbeat. Miss this at your peril. (5) MM