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Jay West | Stay Together EP

Large Music LAR152 May 8, 2012

  • Thinking Of You (Original Mix)

    Jay West

  • Stay Together (Original Mix)

    Jay West

  • Body Wrap (Original Mix)

    Jay West

Argentinian based producer Jay West is a house music pioneer. Why? Just take a look at his expansive catalog of hits on top labels such as Kolour, Lost My Dog, Drop Music, Lowdown and Om over the years; Jay’s prolific work speaks volumes and so does the maturation of his style and sound. Over the last year Jay has been digging deeper, penning hits on boutique imprints such as Moodmusic, Brown Eyed Boyz and now his debut outing for Large Music.

Jay has worked diligently on his Stay Together ep to meld his unique style with the current sound of Large. The results are electric, as Jay presents 3 tracks that each posses a unique flair and sonic structure. Body Wrap is laced with organic flourishes and stuttering samples that could be played in a variety of sets. Thinking Of You is a warm, looped cut that builds with a tight and unrelenting groove. Finally, the title track is a dark and minimal sound sketch that rounds out this package perfectly. We hope you dig it as much as we do!