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Evan Iff | Slide EP

Large Music LAR165 March 11, 2013

Evan Iff returns to Large for his follow up to Glory that highlights his distinctive artistic vision and trademark sound that is causing quite a stir in the Deep House underground. The first track, Busy, is a cheeky little number made for the floor with hints of Chicago Jack, a bassline designed for for the body, and layered warm chords. The title track follows and is, in his own words, quintessential Evan. To clarify, this is a prime example of what we’ve come to expect from at least one track per EP from him, a certain raw density and vibe that tugs at the soul while leaving enough power for the party. It seems to us that the synth line in Slide has a mind of its own. When we asked Evan about this he described the process of layering his Korg through a Maserati compressor to create organic popping and hissing sounds. We conclude it’s just a perfect example of the natural Ghost in the Machine. Enjoy!