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Return 2 Acid / Planet Sonic

Large Music LAR100 October 13, 2005

We did it! Large Music has reached a milestone; we are pleased to present our 100th release. Who better to share this honor with than our ambassador of deepness, Kerri Chandler Kerri promised to do something special for us when we got to 100 and he was he right. Kerri pulls out all the stops on this one. Return 2 Acid features Kerri with a powerhouse tribute to the glorious days of Acid House. Return 2 Acid features driving beats and keys with an incessant 808 acid line to drive the floors crazy-this was a big hit this year during the Miami Music Conference. Kerri going old-school, this time with an electro Afrika Bambaataa influenced jam entitled Planet Sonic. Its time to break out the cardboard, polish up the Adidas and start poppin’