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Guidance (2011 Remixes)

Large Music LAR140 June 10, 2011

  • Guidance (Amnesia Remix)

    Distant People, Distant People

  • Guidance (Dave Mayer & Distant People Remix)

    Distant People, Distant People

  • Guidance (Thomas De Lorenzo Remix)

    Distant People, Distant People

  • Guidance (Beaten Soul Vocal Mix)

    Distant People, Distant People

  • Guidance (Beaten Soul Instrumental Dub)

    Distant People, Distant People

The Monster 2010 Souful House hit gets a brand new set of Remixes-

A monster hit in 2010, the dance anthem Guidance gets a 2011 makeover from fresh and exciting remix talent emerging on the global dance scene. The original producer, Distant People (Joey Silvero), starts things off with his Amnesia Remix and then joins the talented musician and DJ Dave Mayer for a second rework.

This terrific deep house package concludes with remixes from UK based Beaten Soul and finally Thomas De Lorenzo after his superior recent outings on Defected and Purple Music.

Selected Feedback:
DJ Lego: Great vocal track radiating with good energy.
Jonn Hawley: Damn, it was difficult to pick a favorite here! There is a mix for every point in the night.
Master Kev: Loving the Distant People /Dave Mayer remix.. gonna test this out right away!
Random Soul: the first 3 mixes on this ep are dope.. slighty different enough in a way that we will be able to play all 3 versions in different sets.. great work, loving it !
Jask: Very nice updates…I like what dave mayer and distant people came up with.
Deli G: Personally I am feeling all mixes great job all the best with this project.