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Large Music Radio 43 mixed by Studioheist

Large Music Radio 43 mixed by Studioheist


Published on: 11/14/2017

The amazing artist duo knows as Studioheist are back again with a new Large release and a new mix for our podcast. Deep underground grooves (including their new Large release) mixed to perfection!


1/ Cleanfield – Faded Memory [Gents & Dandy’s]
2/ Jus Tadi – Lift Me Up (Tete de la Course Remix) [Poetry in Motion]
3/ Black Loops – Pain au Chocolate [Neovinyl Recordings]
4/ Scott Diaz & Max Footwork – Pleasures [Grand Plans]
5/ Brame & Hamo – Clarence (Smooth Mix) [Brame & Hamo]
6/ Studioheist – Keeps You Goin [Large Music]
7/ Animist – Wanna Dance [Moulton Music]
8/ Scott Diaz & Max Footwork – There’s No Time To Waste [Grand Plans]
9/ Emanuel Satie – Paffo’s Riff [Knee Deep in Sound]
10/ Gerd Jansen & Shan – Surrender [ReGraded]
11/ Detroit Swindle – Just Not Normal [Heist Recordings]
12/ Weast – About You [Velours Records]