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Large Music Radio 41 mixed by Hurlee

Large Music Radio 41 mixed by Hurlee


Published on: 07/05/2017

In support of the critically acclaimed Back to 80 EP we have asked Large artist Hurlee to mix up episode 41 of our esteemed podcast. Just great music!


1 Roland Nights – Anthracite (Original Mix) Large Music
2 Sebb Junior – The Dreams (Original Mix) Frigo Vide Records
3 Round Shaped Triangles – Set Me Free (Scott Diaz Jazz Shaped Dub Remix ) Suburban Music
4 Paul Rudder & Hurlee – Daybreak (Original Mix) Salted Music
5 Lombard Street – Don’t Cha Leave Me (Original Mix)
6 Doug Gomez – Your Everything (Original Mix)
7 James Benedict – Like 94 (Original Mix) Large Music
8 Paul Rudder & Hurlee – Our Love (Original mix) Salted Music
9 Mike Sharon – What Cha Gona (Original Mix)
10 Kiko Navarro – I Can Show You The Way (Original Mix) BBE
11 Hurlee – Back To 80 (Original Mix) Large Music
12 Sebb Junior – Pressure Of Life (Original Mix) Frigo Vide Records