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Large Music Radio 36 Mixed By Jeff Craven

Large Music Radio 36 Mixed By Jeff Craven

Jeff Craven

Published on: 01/06/2016

We begin 2017 with a brand new episode mixed by our founder Jeff Craven. Entering his 24th year in the Music Business and as a DJ, Jeff continues to exclusively select the music for Large. Check out the mix as this mentor and visionary steps in as selector. For bookings contact

1. Chris Stussy | Soul Patrol | Large Music Promo
2. Joris Dee | Most Powerful (Demuir Playboy Edit) | Doin Work Records
3. DJ Chiara Brothers | Believe | (Tuccillo Remix) | Wreck
4. Chris Stussy | Wanna Dance (Studioheist Remix) | PIV
5. Soledrifter | Groove Man | Peppermint Jam
6. Bas Roos | Brother | PIV Records
7. Sebb Junior | Getcha Luv | Large Music Promo
8. Tensnake | Freudchen | True Romance
9. Kapote | The Nose | Toy Tonics
10. Ivan Latyshev | Wanna Dance (Saison Remix) | Large Music Promo

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