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Sebb Junior licensed to Hed Kandi Beach House

It’s official! The extraordinary track on Large from Sebb Junior, Getcha Luv, has been licensed to the latest installment of the wildly popular compilation series Hed Kandi Beach House. Distributed worldwide by Sony Music, this album has a tremendous impact and is a shining moment in both the history of Large Music and the career of Sebb. Congratulations, Sebb!

26 June 2017 Music Read more

Hurlee Returns to Large Music

Spanish artist Hurlee returns to Large Music for his second official outing with an homage to the great dance vibes of the 1980s. The title track soars with spirit and soul creating a perfect vibe for summer festivals and late-nite dancefloors. Up next, Dancing gets a bit grittier and has that Chicago edge that packs a punch yet still maintains the soul flavor. Just good music!

13 June 2017 Music Read more

New Podcast mixed by Jeff Craven

Owner and founder Jeff Craven steps in to mix the 40th episode of the Large podcast. Plenty of hot fire in the mix including a few upcoming gems on Large Music.

12 June 2017 Music Read more

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