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James Benedict returns to Large Music

James Benedict returns to Large Music for his 3rd release with the Like 94 EP. James has always proclaimed his love and allegiance to vintage house grooves proudly, and on this outing he is simply unleashed.

26 April 2017 Music Read more

New Podcast Mixed By Studioheist

In celebration of their excellent 40 Steps release, our boys from Manchester fire up a massive mix for the April edition of Large Music Radio.
To hear their new release click here:

14 April 2017 Music Read more

Large Music Exclusive T-Shirt (2nd edition) For Sale

Large Music has teamed up with Everpress to offer an amazing limited edition T shirt. This is a classic offering from an iconic dance label. This elegant garment features the highly recognizable Large Music logo along with a subtle nod to the label’s rich musical history (established 1993).

28 March 2017 Music Read more

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