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Purple Velvet | Marble Zone | Reviewed on This Is Why We Dance

We’ve already had one of the USA’s longest-running house labels representing on the blog tonight (King Street, est. 1993), now here’s another as Chicago’s Large Music (est. 1992) bring us this three-tracker from the Brit duo of Chris James and Lee Dearn, AKA Purple Velvet.

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Purple Velvet | Marble Zone | Reviewed on Tram 22

Having enjoyed a most fruitful 2014, Purple Velvet appear determined to start the new year in the same vein. Their recent plethora of smooth, synth-driven house cuts have won the hearts and minds of listeners all over, and this new one forthcoming on Large Music is much of the same.

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Soledrifter | Jazzified | Reviewed on This Is Why We Dance

Canada’s Dimitri Meshceryakov AKA Soledrifter is the man at the controls, serving up three original tracks. Jazzified itself is a mid-paced deep groover that does exactly what it says on the tin, with tinkling ivories to die for. On The Floor is a more down n’ dirty houser that sits somewhere between contemporary ‘bass house’ and more traditional left coast bump, and sports diva invocations to “get on the floor right now” and so on. And then finally, Gritty Love is slightly more uptempo and has a bit more of a garage-y feel… but then also some acid squelch near the end, just to keep ‘em guessing!

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