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Large Music Announces 200th Single Release

Celebrate with us as we reveal another terrific record and also mark a tremendous historical milestone. Nathan G returns to Large Music with Frank H Carter III for Large Music’s 200th single release.

9 March 2015 Music Read more

Steve Mill | Born To Do This | Review on This Is Why We Dance

More quality trad-style deep house goodness here courtesy of veteran Chicago label Large Music. Just the two tracks to choose from. The title cut is a garage-tinged affair with throbbing bass, organ stabs and that familiar “this is really your story”, preacherman-like vocal. Flip it over, and They Said I Could Not rides a slightly more driving drums with a big rumbling disco b-line, crowd noise, brass stabs and fluttery, wibbly synths.

12 February 2015 Music Read more

Artist Focus | The Checkup

The Checkup return to Large with Move Me after smashing the sales charts with their debut release in 2014. This follow up release confirms that all the buzz about these two professionally trained musicians from Belgium is truly warranted. We sat down with Alex and Raphael and spoke about a variety of topics. Here is the full interview:

25 January 2015 Music Read more

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