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Sebb Junior | Freedom reviewed on This Is Why We Dance

Okay, last one for tonight so let’s end with some more trad-style deep/soulful house grooves courtesy of veteran Chi-town label Large Music. How I Feel is up first, a midpaced affair with garage-y female vocals, understated rolling beats and piercing, warping synth/organ chords. Freedom itself is a slightly more party-hearty affair with whoops and heys, cut-up vox (both M&F), soaring pianos and some killer New Jersey-ish organ work, and then finally there’s Elevate Your Soul, which is a notch or two more uptempo again… and as fine a deep house/US garage crossover cut as you’ll hear all month.

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Artist Focus | Local Options

Meet your Local Options -a collaboration between Chicago veteran djs and producers Chris Santiago and Frank Solano. Their unique blend of deep yet driving house music with a special attention to melody make them a perfect fit for the expanding Large Music roster.  We sat down with these fine gentleman to get a picture of where they come from–and where they are going:

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Large Music releases rare vinyl re-issue of Union Camp EP

Large Music continues to showcase the brilliant and creative work of early 90s artists Black Ice with a re-issue of one of the most sought after early Chicago House releases- the Union Camp EP. Originally released in 1993 on the historic Night Club Records, Large Music has now licensed the tracks exclusively for a worldwide vinyl-only release. While all four tracks possess that classic raw Chi-town Soul vibe, it is Track 1, Men on Drums, that has garnered the most attention. Championed the last few years by respected Berlin-based DJ Zip, many of the elite vinyl-only DJs across the globe have sought out a clean copy of this very rare wax masterpiece.

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