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Deeligent Soul Reviewed on This is Why We Dance

Some smooth house grooves on this two-tracker from Chicago’s ever-dependable Large Music, which is the work of two Belgian producers called Arnaud and Seb (and that’s the sum total of my knowledge about ‘em, I’m afraid).

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Artist Focus | Deeligent Soul

Deeligent Soul is the brainchild of Arnaud and Seb, two very talented veteran djs and producers who have been mainstays in the Brussels, Belgium nightlife scene for over 14 years. In our relentless search for new and exciting music, we knew after only a few listens to their demo reel that they would be a great addition to the Large Music artist team. We sat down recently with them to have a proper chat with these two talented artists:

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Sebb Junior | Freedom reviewed on This Is Why We Dance

Okay, last one for tonight so let’s end with some more trad-style deep/soulful house grooves courtesy of veteran Chi-town label Large Music. How I Feel is up first, a midpaced affair with garage-y female vocals, understated rolling beats and piercing, warping synth/organ chords. Freedom itself is a slightly more party-hearty affair with whoops and heys, cut-up vox (both M&F), soaring pianos and some killer New Jersey-ish organ work, and then finally there’s Elevate Your Soul, which is a notch or two more uptempo again… and as fine a deep house/US garage crossover cut as you’ll hear all month.

12 September 2015 Music Read more

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