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Soledrifter | Jazzified | Reviewed on This Is Why We Dance

Canada’s Dimitri Meshceryakov AKA Soledrifter is the man at the controls, serving up three original tracks. Jazzified itself is a mid-paced deep groover that does exactly what it says on the tin, with tinkling ivories to die for. On The Floor is a more down n’ dirty houser that sits somewhere between contemporary ‘bass house’ and more traditional left coast bump, and sports diva invocations to “get on the floor right now” and so on. And then finally, Gritty Love is slightly more uptempo and has a bit more of a garage-y feel… but then also some acid squelch near the end, just to keep ‘em guessing!

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Artist Focus: The Return of Nathan G to Large Music

Legendary Large Music artist Nathan G makes a welcomed return to the label with a sparkling new release entitled If We Try. Collaborating with the enormously talented lead vocalist Frank H Carter III, Nathan has created a classic House vocal masterpiece with a soaring message of hope and unity that extends far past the dance floor. We recently caught up with Nathan to get the scoop on his latest whereabouts and walkabouts:


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Large Music appears on Most Charted Labels of 2013 via Resident Advisor.

Venerable Chicago Deep House label Large Music was on fire in 2013, and the recent Top Charted Labels of 2013 announcement from Resident Advisor proves that DJs across the globe are locked in to the revival of this consistent and influential imprint. (more…)

14 January 2014 Music Read more

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