Sek was born in Greece in 1986. From the beginning he was keen for music and at the age of six he is taking his first piano lessons. His interest for different instruments is visible. Accordion and clarinet are the next to charm him. He is also practicing his skills at the local philharmonic band. As he grows up he finds himself enchanted by the raw and abstract sound and lyrics of international and Greek hip hop scene. At that time he has started to buy and collect vinyl records and cds and by now he has a large and varied collection. While fifteen years old he won his first residency at a local club. At the age of 18, after finishing high school studies, he gets accepted at the University of Ionian Islands, located in Cephalonia, at the northwest of Greece. He moves there and studies Music Technology for a year. But his passion for music leads him at the capital of Greece, Athens, where he manages to finish his studies and alongside broaden his music knowledge. In Athens, where he lives from 2005, he has won residencies and guest appearances in various clubs (Mamacas, Dybbuk, PIXI, Barouge). During these years he also gets the chance to work at the Greek label The sound of Everything at the distribution department. While working there Sek get close with the whole procedure taking place in the field of music production. In 2006 he decides that music production is what he wants to do in his life and he is working hard for it. His music is being released on labels like Lost My Dog, Large Music, Morris Audio, AMA Recording, Back To You, Rhythmetic Records, Music With Content and more.