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Sebastian Davidson

Sebastian Davidson


Sebastian Davidson put out his first release in 2006 and since then has racked up an impressive back catalogue of labels including Noir Music, Salted Music and Dark Energy Recordings.

Various EPs and singles for a diversity of labels followed but it is the ‘Nightbird’ single on UK’s Kinky Vinyl – remixed by Manuel Tur – that is definitively the biggest single for Sebastian so far and remains a deep house classic.

Following the success of these releases Sebastian went traveling extensively all over the world spreading a unique sound combining deep house and downtempo beats. With an emphasis on the deeper end of electronic house music, but not afraid to stray from the path, he retains an old school approach that has seen him booked for gigs as diverse as Moog (Barcelona), Audio Tonic (Dubai), Loveland Festival (Amsterdam) and J-Pop (Tokyo).

Sebastian Davidson founded his Nightbird Music record label in 2009 to show the world his view on the deephouse spectrum. Re-launching early 2015, Kinky Vinyl is the “new” breakout label to the Nightbird Music family, focusing on fresh, new and undiscovered true house music.