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Paul Rudder

Paul Rudder


Paul Rudder is the alias of Pablo Timòn, a young spanish artist coming from the beautiful land of Asturias. Being influenced by ‘House Music’ since a very young age, it was not until 2012 that he started to get into music production. Two years after he started to release on labels, having the possibility to sign on Justified Cause (one of the best national labels) and to be remixed by two big spanish names such as Baldo (resident of Razzmatazz in Barcelona) and Garcynoise (the label owner).

In 2014 the move to Bologna (Italy), where after having met Stefan Lyczewski he had the chance to play with him in some of the best venues in town at Arterìa, Kinki and Cavaticcio. Later on in 2015, returned back to Gijòn, he begun to improve his sound, a thing that led him to play in some of the most famous clubs of the region and to release an EP on Nurvous Records, one of the best house labels in the world.

2016 started in a great way for Paul Rudder. A gig in Mallorca, where he played with his friend Hurlee, then the birth of his concept of party at Lanna Club, an institution for the clubbers of the North of Spain. All this combined with an increasingly growth in his music productions, which results in several EP’s for reknowned labels such as Plastik People, Eat & Beat, i!Records, Frigo Vide, Gents & Dandy’s…

To conclude, Paul Rudder is a humble guy with an enormous passion for House Music and an unceasing wish to learn and to ameliorate himself. You won’t be surprised if you’ll see him getting to the top in the next few years.