In our quest to always be searching for new talent, we think we have found something very special. We are honored to welcome Berlin-based duo Quadrakey to the Large Music family. Considered to be two of the top DJs in the Berlin scene, this couple also produces lovely, organic and pure deep house. In support of their shiny new Mars EP we caught up with them to dig a little deeper into their history and their vibe.

1) It is such a honor to have you both join Large Music. You both were born in Russia, can you tell us when and where you first met?

We are happy to join the Large family, thank you for having us on board!
We first met in 1999 in a night club. There were amazing House and Garage parties we never missed. And one day we got talking about music and everything. Our music tastes and outlooks on life were quite similar and we got best friends pretty quickly. We spent plenty of time together listening to our favourite music, searching for new house mixes on CDs and buying our first records. Then we started DJing and once we played back to back at a party– that worked well and we decided to make a duo.

2) Do you remember the first time you heard House Music? Was there a certain record or track that you can remember?

It was a long time ago, so we can’t remember exactly the first track, but Robin S – Show Me Love, Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling and Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman definitely made us fall in love with house music forever.

3) You both seem to have a love affair with your current city of Berlin. How long have you lived there? Do you feel there is still a vibrant scene for authentic Deep House?

We’ve lived here since 2010 and absolutely love this city! Environment, people, architecture and history – everything inspires us a lot. Whatever we do, we just feel free and happy here and of course that is reflected in our music. Berlin scene is so varied and covers every taste of music. Authentic Deep House isn’t probably dominating here, but fortunately, we connected with some like-minded DJs, musicians and promoters.

4) Can you tell us a little bit about your studio and your creative process? Do you usually start with a concept or an idea for a track or does most of your music happen naturally?

We follow our inspiration and usually start with an idea. We make a 32-bar loop where we put all instruments together first. It’s like the main part of the track and if it’s grooving and we don’t get bored after listening to it again and again, we build up the whole track, add or delete some elements.
We create basslines with Novation Basstation or use some virtual synthesisers. We never use drum and melody loops – it’s more fun to create our own ones. We also don’t owe tones of gear, because we love making music more than extracting sounds, to be honest.

5) One last question we love to ask. You are part of Large Music history now and it is our 26th year; do you have a favorite track or release from our catalog?

It’s difficult to chose just a few favourites, because we have so many records and tracks in our collection! Of course, beautiful Solar House – Got 2 B U, timeless DJ Rasoul – Let Me Love You, the killers Lars Vegas – The Game and Jacob Bech – No Other Way, also really like Jordan O’Regan – Nevermind and the latest from The Checkup – Want Me. Think we should stop now, because the list can get endless. Happy 26th anniversary!