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New podcast mixed by Hurlee

New podcast mixed by Hurlee

In support of the critically acclaimed Back to 80 EP we have asked Large artist Hurlee to mix up episode 41 of our esteemed podcast. Plenty of deep & chunky house grooves here including a few esteemed cuts from Large. Just great music!


1 Roland Nights – Anthracite (Original Mix) Large Music
2 Sebb Junior – The Dreams (Original Mix) Frigo Vide Records
3 Round Shaped Triangles – Set Me Free (Scott Diaz Jazz Shaped Dub Remix ) Suburban Music
4 Paul Rudder & Hurlee – Daybreak (Original Mix) Salted Music
5 Lombard Street – Don’t Cha Leave Me (Original Mix)
6 Doug Gomez – Your Everything (Original Mix)
7 James Benedict – Like 94 (Original Mix) Large Music
8 Paul Rudder & Hurlee – Our Love (Original mix) Salted Music
9 Mike Sharon – What Cha Gona (Original Mix)
10 Kiko Navarro – I Can Show You The Way (Original Mix) BBE
11 Hurlee – Back To 80 (Original Mix) Large Music
12 Sebb Junior – Pressure Of Life (Original Mix) Frigo Vide Records


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