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Podcast 32 mixed by Roland Nights

Podcast 32 mixed by Roland Nights

In support of his latest EP on Large, one of our favorite artists returns once again to create an electrifying podcast. Pure underground vibes for dancefloor enthusiasts mixed perfectly and artfully.  This is the real deal, friends.


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Track listing:
1.Irfan Rainy, Rex leon, Baba Isreal – We Came to Move You (Kudos Music)
2.Prunk – Life (Moulton Music)
3.Sean Collier – Spirt, Dairo D’Attis Remix (SK Supreme Music)
4.Prunk & Bas Roos – Feeling High (Inner City Records)
5.Roland Nights – Ready to Go (Large Music)
6.Oscar Barila – Falling, Sebb Junior Remix (i! Records)
7.Ander B – Mind Tricks, Homer Esponosa’s Stripped Mix (Moulton Music)
8.Mystep & Markenza – Gonna Do, Nils Penner Mix (Sex Panda White)
9.Sidney Charles – Vibe (Moda Black)
10.Tuccillo – Witness (seamless Recordings)
11.Yume Kaneko – Keep Pushin (7 Love Records)
12.Jacob Bech – The Kibosh (Large Music)
13.Manuel De La Mare, After Tea – This is Warming Up (Hotfingers)
14.Prunk & Bas Roos – What I Do (Inner City Records)
15.Herb LF – Down to the Sound (Farside Records)
16. V-Circle Track (Sole Channel Music)

12 November 2015 Music